Jim Bauer Interview.

Jim Bauer is the creative director for Odyssey and probably has had some of the most colorful and creative bikes in the past 10 years. When you work in a smaller industry like BMX you end up taking on many tasks outside of your job title. This is exactly the case for Jim. His "creative director" title involves him in everything at Odyssey from being the team manager to creating wild trade-show booths to testing product. He is one of the big reasons Odyssey has been so successful over the past years. Along with all the BMX stuff Jim always has some sort of project going on, whether it's baking some crazy volcano cake that actually erupts to going to the race track with with Porches. Jim is an extremely creative and inspiring person and we are psyched to bring you Jim's interview!

Fillmed and Edited by: Andrew McMullen
Interview by: Harrison Boyce