Cory Nastazio Interview.
As soon as we came up with the idea to do these interviews, Cory Nastazio was on the top of my list. After trying to meet up a few different times, we got together with Cory in his hotel room in Portland this past September. It was a few hours after Dew Tour dirt finals where he killed it and placed second, his best placing at a contest all year.

Cory Nastazio is like no one I've ever met. He is extremely eccentric and has so much energy, that no matter what the situation is, if Cory's in the room, everyone's eyes are on him. Cory has been through more in his life than most people can imagine and has the stories to back it up. He's been one of my favorite bike riders since I started riding and I was extremely excited to be able to interview Cory for Defgrip. In the span of two hours, we got more footage than we knew what to do with and we hope this gives you an insight into Cory Nastazio's life.

Part 1 of 3.

Fillmed and Edited by: Andrew McMullen
Interview by: Harrison Boyce