Rich Hirsch Interview.
Rich Hirsch was someone I was always interested in when I was younger. He was one of a hand full of pro's that were blowing up in the Northwest when I was really getting into riding and he always seemed to having some sort of project going on. Whether it was a clothing company or a video, Rich knew how to keep himself busy. Now Rich is still riding, but is looking at life much differently then when I first met him. He started two major brands in BMX that are going stronger than ever – Lotek Footwear, and Freemont Clothing. While his main focus is his companies, he still manages to make the cover of major BMX magazines. Rich is a very interesting person and probably lives his life much differently than you would expect. One thing that has never changed with Rich is that he's always got a new project up his sleeve and no matter what it is I don't think Rich will ever stop surprising us.

Fillmed and Edited by: Andrew McMullen
Interview by: Harrison Boyce